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  • Part 2 is an album by Wayne Wonder & Sanchez.
  • Part Two: The Endless Not is an album released by British industrial group Throbbing Gristle on April 1, 2007. All of the original line-up are present.
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  • Of or relating to the teeth
  • Of or relating to dentistry
  • alveolar consonant: a consonant articulated with the tip of the tongue near the gum ridge
  • (dentist) a person qualified to practice dentistry
  • (of a consonant) Pronounced with the tip of the tongue against the upper front teeth (as th) or the alveolar ridge (as n, d, t)
  • of or relating to the teeth; “dental floss”


  • A floor or platform resembling or compared to a ship’s deck, esp. the floor of a pier or a platform for sunbathing
  • The accommodations on a particular deck of a ship
  • (deck) be beautiful to look at; “Flowers adorned the tables everywhere”
  • A structure of planks or plates, approximately horizontal, extending across a ship or boat at any of various levels, esp. one of those at the highest level and open to the weather
  • (deck) street name for a packet of illegal drugs
  • (deck) any of various platforms built into a vessel

dental decks part 2

dental decks part 2 – National Board

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USS Hector (AR 7)

USS Hector (AR 7)
HECTOR was built by the Los Angeles Shipbuilding and Drydock Corporation in San Pedro, California. She was christened by Mrs. Ramona Heim, wife of Captain Schuyler Heim USN, and launched 11 November 1942. She was commissioned 7 February 1944.

After shakedown along the West Coast, she sailed the Pacific, arriving in Pearl Harbor on 9 April 1944. She departed for Eniwetok on 5 June, arriving there 13 June. HECTOR spent the summer there, and on 30 September, departed for Ulithi. Her largest repair job in WWII was the USS HOUSTON which was torpedoed twice by Japanese submarines. The HOUSTON was towed alongside on 27 October. Although hampered by a severe typhoon season, which twice sent her out to sea for safety, HECTOR managed to repair HOUSTON by the end of 1944; this in addition to repairs on other ships.

HECTOR departed Ulithi 16 February 1945 and arrived at Tarragona, Leyte Gulf, to repair ships during the battle for the Philippines. She then returned to Ulithi 30 March and on to Saipan 22 May.

After WWII in the Pacific ended, Hector remained in the Pacific and Asiatic areas during the occupation duties, earning the China Service Medal for the period 27 May-24 Oct 1947, and prepared various ships for return to CONUS.

HECTOR departed Saipan and arrived at Long Beach early February 1946. After a year of doing repair work in Long Beach, she got underway in May 1947 for her first peace-time West-Pac tour. She then alternated four to six months of service and exercises along the California Coast with six to eight month West-Pac tours.

Shortly after the Korean War began, HECTOR sailed into Yokosuka, Japan, on 18 September 1950, then to Inchon, Korea, for the amphibious assault on 25 September. After participating in the Inchon Invasion, Hector took station in Sasebo harbor, Bouy 16 repairing over 200 various ships damaged during the Korean War and serving as flag ship for Service Squadron 3. Hector returned to her home port of Long Beach on Saturday November 17, 1951 ending a fourteen month deployment in Far Eastern waters. For the period 17 Sept 1950 – 4 Oct 1951, Hector earned the Korean Service Medal with one Star for North Korean Aggression during 23 Sept 1950 – 4 Oct 1950. For the remainder of the Korean War, HECTOR alternated repair service along the Korean Coast, in Japan, and normal duty out of Long Beach. In 1954 she was presented with the Battle Efficiency Plaque for the year 1953-1954, and again in 1955 was awarded the the same plaque for the year 1954-1955.

During the second half of the 1950’s, HECTOR alternated 4-6 months of service and exercises along the California Coast with 6-8 month West-Pac tours. During these cruises, HECTOR, operating in support of the nations far-flung Pacific and Asian defenses, visited the ports of Yokosuka, Sasebo, Kobe, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Kaoshiung, Guam and Eniwetok, serving intermittently as flagship for Service Squadrons 1 and 3. HECTOR was also a major participant in the U.S. Navy’s "People to People" program in Asia. Her deployments to the Western Pacific continued into the 1960s.

From 1 Feb 1962 through 28 may 1962 Hector was out of service for regular overhaul and drydocking at Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Terminal Island, California, and for post-repair trails. In June, underway training exercise were held. On 29 Nov 1962, Captain Robert Lander relieved Captain Ovid Butler as Commander Service Squadron One, with change of command ceremonies held aboard Hector.

From June 1963 to January 1964, HECTOR made visits to Agashima, Sasebo, Yokosuka, Iwakuni, Keelung and Subic Bay. The crew had their R&R in Manila and Nagasaki. During this deployment, Hector was again the Flagship for Commander Service Squadron Three. In late 1964, the TV Series "CONVOY" starring Gia Scala, John Gavin and John Larch was filmed aboard Hector. The pilot episode, "Night Rendezvous", featured a simulated torpedo hit with smoke, fire, gashes in bulkhead, and rescue at sea.

In early 1965, at Alameda, California, HECTOR set a record by tending 28 ships at one time, 13 of which were alongside.

Between July 1965 and February 1966, she underwent a modernization overhaul at Long Beach. She resumed fleet services out of Long Beach until departing for another West-Pac cruise on 5 August 1966. During the next 6 months she serviced and repaired ships in the Philippines, Taiwan, and Japan, returning to CONUS in mid-1967. She then continued with stateside repairs to the fleet and West-Pac cruises.

During the late 60’s, Hector’s WESTPAC cruises brought her to Pearl Harbor; Subic Bay, R.P.; Kaohsuing, Taiwan; as well as Sasebo & Yokosuka, Japan where she provided her repair services to the Seventh Fleet. Her crew had their well-deserved R&R in the port of Hong Kong.

From February to March 1969, Hector took over all in-port ship repairs in Pearl Harbor to allow the entire shore maintenance crews to work on the


PACIFIC OCEAN (May 14, 2006)– Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Handler) 2nd Class Zachary L. Dabney of Harrah, Okla., monitors the arrival of an MH-60 Knighthawk helicopter from the Guam-based Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC-25) on the flight deck of the Military Sealift Command (MSC) hospital ship USNS Mercy (T-AH 19). As the ship’s "Air Boss," Dabney will monitor all flight operations conducted on Mercy during its five-month deployment to South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. The medical crew aboard Mercy will provide general and ophthalmology surgery, basic medical evaluation and treatment, preventive medicine treatment, dental screenings and treatment, optometry screenings, eyewear distribution, public health training and veterinary services as requested by the host nations. Like all U.S. Naval forces Mercy is able to rapidly respond to a range of situations on short notice. Mercy is uniquely capable of supporting medical- and humanitarian-assistance needs and is configured with special medical equipment and a robust multi-specialized medical team who can provide a range of services ashore as well as aboard the ship. The medical staff is augmented with an assistance crew, many of whom are part of non-governmental organizations which have significant medical capabilities.
U.S. Navy photo by Chief Photographer’s Mate Edward G. Martens (RELEASED)

dental decks part 2

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